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A Smile You Can be Proud of in Langdon, AB

While you may be insecure about your smile, there is no issue that cosmetic dentistry cannot fix. The right dentist in Langdon will determine a comprehensive plan for crafting your smile into one you’re proud to show off.

If you suffer from discolored teeth, whitening treatments are a viable option. You can whiten your teeth in the dentist’s office or at home. Both methods, when done properly, can lighten and brighten your smile. Teeth whitening is a simple yet effective way to ensure patients feel good about their smiles. Once your teeth are whitened, we guarantee you won’t stop smiling!

A Straight Smile

Another common dental issue is a crooked or uneven smile. None of us are born with perfectly aligned teeth. If you’re dealing with crooked or misplaced teeth, Invisalign can be used to provide you with a smile you’re proud of. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that slowly and methodically shift your teeth. After weeks of use, you’re sure to see a difference.

Invisalign is ideal for teeth straitening because it’s simple and can be worn without being noticeable. If you’re an adult who routinely talks to people, you know how worrisome it can be that someone is judging you by your smile.

Benefits of using Invisalign include:

  • Nearly invisible treatment
  • Can be worn while sleeping
  • Works for all teeth and smile types

After an initial consultation with our team at C U Smile, including the use of the x-ray machine, you’ll be set for your next appointment. Once the retainers are ready, you can start wearing them!

Implants for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are most often used to replace missing teeth. Teeth can fall out because of infection and/or trauma. If you’re stuck dealing with a missing tooth, chances are you’re self-conscious about it, but the good news is, is our dentists at C U Smile can help to restore the tooth.

In some instances, it’s necessary to place a crown on a tooth. More often than not, a crown is used to restore a tooth’s look, shape, and durability. For more serious cases when there is no tooth at all, a dental implant can be placed. Dental implants are secured into the jaw and look very natural. A dental implant can complete your smile and bring your confidence back.

C U Smile Dental Office Is Here to Help

Being unconfident and insecure about your smile can impact every aspect of your life. With cosmetic dentistry, you can smile more and worry less. If you’re looking for a dentist in Langdon, you’ll want to check out our dental office.

We offer a variety of dental services including root canals, fillings, bridges, x-rays and more. You can even count on us for your entire family’s dental needs. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to your journey to a healthier and happier smile!

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