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dentist showing x rayWhether you are looking for a dentist in Riverbend for general services or require cosmetic or more advanced care, C U Smile has you covered. We serve patients of all ages, from toddlers with their first set of teeth to adults and elderly patients with a range of dental needs. Our pediatric dentist starts your children off with a positive experience, improving their perspective and spurring a life-long commitment to caring for their oral health.

C U Smile offers a range of general and cosmetic services.

Dental Services in Riverbend, Calgary

  • Teeth cleaning/checkups – Regular cleanings remove plaque, tartar, and food particles more efficiently than brushing and flossing, thereby reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. We also check for early signs of problems, both those that are visible and those below the surface.
  • Digital x-rays – Advanced equipment produces images fast and with maximum clarity. Tiny cameras are used to create even clearer pictures, enabling us to fully examine your teeth and overall oral health or, for example, diagnose the causes of tooth pain.
  • Dental fillings – A cavity is the beginning stage of tooth decay. Fortunately, we can fill it with a durable material, quickly and painlessly, so your teeth work as efficiently as possible.
  • Root canals – Most people dread the thought, but a root canal is now relatively easy and pain-free. We can address infections, decay, and other root problems with minimal discomfort.
  • Tooth extraction – If your teeth have broken or decayed enough, your dentist may recommend pulling, or extracting, one or more teeth. We also offer quick dental extraction of wisdom teeth when necessary.
  • Oral sedation – For procedures involving a little more discomfort, or patients who are fearful of the dentist, we offer oral sedation.

Cosmetic Dentistry Built on Experience

A family dentist is one that can cater to just about any dental need. For a cosmetic dentist in Riverbend who can perfect your smile, we offer:

  • Orthodontics – Braces, Invisalign, retainers, and other devices enable us to fine-tune the positioning of your teeth. A thorough examination enables us to determine the best device and course of treatment. Periodic checkups enable our dentists to measure progress until the completion of treatment and removal of the appliance.
  • Teeth whitening – Poor oral hygiene and staining from food and beverages can leave your teeth discolored. We use a custom-fit dental tray and professional whitening solution you can use at home.
  • Crowns/ bridges/ veneers – We can fit Riverbend patients with a crown to address damaged fillings, broken teeth, or infected teeth. For individuals needing restoration of multiple teeth, a bridge is effective, while veneers are cemented to the front surface to provide more aesthetic appeal.

An Experienced Dental Clinic Accessible in Riverbend, Calgary

With more than two decades serving the area, C U Smile is precise and compassionate, from the first consultation to very last treatment. Open during evenings and weekends, we’re always available. We even bill directly to insurance companies, making the process so much easier. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is open to any questions and is always reassuring.

Need a dental checkup or suspect a problem? Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment online or call us at 855-235-7496.

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