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What Are Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings, also known as white fillings, are used to restore the function of teeth that have dental decay, have been damaged from trauma and may be used as a cosmetic dentistry option for cosmetic bonding treatments. At , we are pleased to offer composite dental fillings, here in our SE Calgary Dental Practice.

Why We Use Composite Fillings

Traditional dental filling materials, which are best known as silver fillings, are not always aesthetically pleasing options for restoring the function of your teeth. Composite filling materials have been used for over 20 years, and many patients prefer white fillings over silver fillings for many reasons. After we prepare your tooth, we will place the white filling material in thin layers, to rebuild the structure of your tooth. A special light is used to completely set the white filling material making it very hard and durable against normal biting forces. Your dentist will shape and polish the white filling for a smooth finish, and so it bites together correctly against the opposing teeth.

The Benefits of Composite Fillings

The most obvious benefit of composite fillings is the aesthetic results that our dentists are able to achieve because they are able to blend different shades of white filling material to match the natural remaining tooth structure.

Composite filling material bonds directly to the tooth remaining tooth structure, reducing the instance of breakage and to insulate the tooth from temperature changes.

We know that your smile is important to you and restoring damaged and decayed teeth with our South Calgary Composite Fillings is one of the many dental health services that we offer at .


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