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We Use Lasers To Treat Cold Sores!

Dentists have used lasers since the early 1990s for a variety of dental treatments. One of the more exciting laser dentistry treatments, we offer at is Laser Cold Sores Treatment. In fact, dental lasers are much more effective than any other cold sore or canker treatment compared to over-the-counter treatments.

How Does a Laser Cold Sore Treatment Work?

Laser Cold Sores Treatment works in two ways:

  1. The laser kills the nerve cells in the area being treated which offers instant pain relief.
  2. The laser promotes healing by increasing collagen production in the area being treated. Since topical medications may take weeks before the area is healed, with a Laser Cold Sores Treatment, the healing process begins within a matter of days.
  3. Pain relief can be almost immediate!

Does a Laser Cold Sore Treatment Hurt?

Laser Cold Sores Treatment is virtually painless. The only sensation patients feel during the procedure is a warm sensation in the area where the laser is being applied.

What are the Benefits of Laser Cold Sores Removal?

Laser Cold Sores offers a variety of benefits, which include:

  • Almost Immediate Pain Relief
  • Cold sores often occur less frequently and with less intensity after treatment
  • You won’t feel a thing when the laser is being used.
  • It arrests the progression of the lesion after treatment.

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