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Dental Extractions in Calgary

Undergoing a dental extraction—or “having a tooth pulled,” colloquially—is no small matter; the removal of teeth takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to do properly. Naturally, patients are often a bit nervous about extractions. With the compassionate care provided by the dental team at C U Smile Dental Care, patients can breathe easy knowing that they're in good hands.


What Is a Dental Extraction and How Does It Work?

By definition, a dental extraction is the complete removal of a tooth from the jaw as performed by an oral surgeon. A common type of extraction that many adults undergo is that of wisdom teeth removal.

Much of the time, the tooth can be removed whole. In some cases, however, the tooth is too firmly rooted to remove in one piece. In these situations, the tooth is removed by a common process called “sectioning,” in which the tooth is cut into sections and extracted one piece at a time.

During the procedure, most patients are at least numbed locally at the tooth, jawbone, and surrounding gum area to prevent any pain; the most that patients should feel during the procedure is a slight pressure when rocking the tooth to help open up the socket. For some more intense procedures (like wisdom teeth removal, which often involves pulling multiple teeth in one surgery), your oral surgeon may recommend general anesthesia.

Dental Extraction Aftercare

Once the wisdom extraction has been done, the story isn't over; patients are advised to take careful care of their mouth and jaw after going home. This can mean everything from temporarily changing how one chews to properly taking the recommended pain medications.

Common issues patients find themselves dealing with after dental extractions include facial/jaw swelling, pain, tenderness, and difficulty while chewing, and some bleeding, especially immediately after surgery. These problems are very normal after tooth extractions and can be treated with a combination of icing, pain medications, and basic rest and recovery time.

Less commonly, some patients can develop a painful condition called dry socket in which a blood clot fails to properly form in the socket, leaving it dry and painful. To avoid dry socket, patients should avoid rinsing or spitting for 24 hours after surgery and not use a straw, smoke, or drink hot liquid during recovery. If a patient does develop dry socket, the dentist can easily provide a medicated dressing to soothe the pain.

Have Your Tooth Extraction Performed by a Caring, Experienced Professional in Calgary, AB

If you have dental extractions that need to be done, our professional oral surgeons and dental care team can provide you with the expert service you need. Our staff works hard to make sure that every patient is guided smoothly through the process, from preparing for surgery through dealing with insurance and supporting you during your recovery.

To learn more about tooth extractions or make an appointment to meet with one of our dental team, call us today at (855) 235-7496.

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