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Clear & Crisp Digital X-Rays in Calgary, AB

Has your dentist ever tried to show you something on one of your x-rays? What could you make out on that inch of black and white x-ray film? Not much, perhaps, unless you spent 7 years in dental school. Well, what if we blew that picture up to a 14" image on the screen right beside you? That magnification can make a world of difference in understanding your oral health.

A (Big) Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words

Advances in modern video camera technology and equipment mean that dental manufacturers have been able to develop very small cameras for use in the dental office. With a camera approximately the size of a pen, we can film each one of your teeth individually or your whole smile, which we can then present on our computer monitors with a magnification of between 10 and 40 times the natural size.

The magnification of the intra-oral camera is a tremendous diagnostic aid, as it allows us to see things before they appear in traditional x-rays. Best of all, this technology allows you to see exactly what we do. These images can even aid in gaining coverage for your dental care through insurance plans – it's tough for them to argue when the evidence is there in front of them, magnified and presented in precise detail.

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